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It was the year 2018. With the curiosity to know more about trading and investing, I created an account with one of the brokerage platforms. I started trading by taking tips from friends and colleagues. Somehow I earned almost 3 lakhs in the fiscal year 2018-19. But in the fiscal year 2019–20, I lost a lot of money. I lost all of my hard-earned money. It was a huge amount of money. Then I went into a financial crisis, I started taking lots of shortcuts to recover my money. But somehow I realized there are no shortcuts to success. Then I focused on learning. But never got something structured with a proper step-by-step process. For which I had to spend so many years just to learn the market properly. I learned all the technical stuff, But still, I was not profitable. Then, with time, I realized trading is a game of mindset. Even if you are very good at technical analysis, it is of no use if you do not know how to manage a position in the live market.

And finally, I started building the right mindset and the right psychology to be successful in the market. I became one, but all this process took me lots of time. lost lots of money.

But, I don't want others go through the similar way. So I have decided to empower atleast 1 lakh people to become successful by trading the mindful way in the stock market. And then I launched my proven concept "Mindful Trading Blueprint".


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